Frequently Asked Questions

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What grading companies can Nostalgic Avenue submit my cards to? What service levels are available?

Currently we are submitting cards to the following grading companies:

PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator)
      SUPER EXPRESS (Maximum DV $4,999): $300/card (1-2 week turnaround)
      EXPRESS (Maximum DV $2,499): $150/card (3-4 week turnaround)
      REGULAR (Maximum DV $1,499): $100/card (6-8 week turnaround)
      ECONOMY (Maximum DV $999): $50/card (10-12 week turnaround)
      VALUE (Maximum DV $499): $30/card (16-18 week turnaround)

          *When applicable, an ADDITIONAL 20% is charged per card for cards where an autograph is to be authenticated and/or graded.*

          *PSA utilizes a Declared Value (DV) to determine what service level can be used for a particular card. Please see our "What is a Declared Value (DV)?"                FAQ for more information.*

BGS (Beckett Grading Services)
      PREMIUM w/ sub-grades : $250/card (1-2 week turnaround)
      PREMIUM w/out sub-grades : $125/card (1-2 week turnaround)
      EXPRESS w/ sub-grades : $150/card (3-4 week turnaround)
      EXPRESS w/out sub-grades : $100/card (3-4 week turnaround)
      STANDARD w/ sub-grades: $50/card (2-3 month turnaround)
      STANDARD w/out sub-grades : $30/card (2-3 month turnaround)
      ECONOMY w/ sub-grades : $35/card (4-6 month turnaround)
      ECONOMY w/out sub-grades : $25/card (4-6 month turnaround)

          *An ADDITIONAL $2 is charged per card for all autographed cards.*

SGC (Sportscard Guaranty Corporation)

What is a Declared Value (DV)?

The Declared Value (DV) of your card is an estimate of the value of your card declared by you. Depending on the grading company, the DV dictates which service levels you can utilize, or how much return shipping costs will be as insurance rates will fluctuate.

PSA and Declared Value (DV)
Certain service levels have a maximum DV a card can have to be submitted under that service level. The DV of a card you are trying to submit dictates which PSA service levels you CAN and CANNOT use. For example, the PSA Regular grading service has a maximum DV of $1,499. If a card you are submitting is worth $1,500 or above, there is a likelihood that PSA will require additional fees because PSA Express (maximum DV of $2,499) or PSA Super Express (maximum DV of $4,999) would have been the appropriate service level. Selecting the incorrect service level will not prevent your cards from being submitted, but there is a possibility of delays in turnaround time and additional fees necessary.

How do I figure out what the Declared Value (DV) of my card is?

We have no single way of knowing the appropriate Declared Value (DV) of a card, but utilizing marketplaces and market tools (eBay, Card Ladder, Market Movers,, etc.) will help you become more informed.

Does Nostalgic Avenue drop my cards off to the grading companies or ship them?

Nostalgic Avenue is located in Escondido, CA. We drop off PSA submissions in person at least once per week. We also pick up completed PSA submissions in person. For SGC, BGS, and HGA, cards selected by you for grading are sent safely and securely through insured shipping to and from the grading company and back to you.

Do you clean/prep my cards before sending them off for grading?

With our "Send All" service, we will clean and prep your cards before submitting them to the grading company of your choosing. This clean and prep includes gently wiping the cards down with a microfiber cloth, placing the card into a penny sleeve, and then into a Card Saver 1 semi-rigid holder.

With our "White Glove" service, we will clean your cards, perform a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of your cards, and place the cards into a penny sleeve and a Card Saver 1 semi-rigid holder.

What types of cards can I send in for evaluation and/or grading?

We can help you submit all types of cards including sports cards, TCG (trading card game) cards such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, comic trading cards etc. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you figure out what you have.

What is crossover service and can you help with that?

Yes! We can definitely help with Crossover service.

Crossover service is the process of submitting a graded card in a slab/case to another grading company. The new grading company will then crack the card out of its current slab/case and place it in a new one.

FOR EXAMPLE, sending a BGS graded card (in its BGS slab/case) to PSA to be graded by them. PSA will crack the card out of the BGS case and place it into a PSA case.

You can also choose to add a "minimum grade" request to the crossover submission. By doing so, the new grading company WILL NOT crack the card out of its current slab if they don't believe it will meet your requested minimum grade.


Where do I send my cards to?

Please send your cards to.....

Nostalgic Avenue
102 W. Grand Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025

Should I send my cards in a toploader, semi-rigid card saver, or magnetic one touch holder?

However you decide to send your cards, please ensure you secure and protect them so that they are received by us in the same condition as when you sent them. Whether you send your cards in toploaders, card savers, or magnetic holders, we always transfer your cards to a brand new semi-rigid card saver suitable for grading submissions. In the case of thicker cards, your cards will always be transferred to a brand new top loader before being submitted for grading.


What payment is due at the time I complete my online order?

Payment for services performed by Nostalgic Avenue (Send All or White Glove service) are due at the time you place your online order. You will receive an invoice for payment due to the actual grading companies right before your cards are submitted.

When do I pay for the actual grading submission fees?

Regardless of which grading company you choose to submit your cards to, pricing and availability of their services changes often. After you notify us which grading company you would like to use and at which service level, we will create the submission and send you an itemized invoice. Payment for that invoice is due at that time.