What is Pre Grading? Our 5 Step Process

We submit cards with PSA, BGS, and SGC several times per week to keep your cards moving in an effort to get them back to you as quick as possible. You get your cards slabbed and graded, and we get to look at cool and rare cards that we may never otherwise come across. We take our time and treat your prized possession as if they are our own. This is a passion. The perfectionists inside of us won’t let us overlook the imperfections..


First Step

We wipe down the surfaces of your cards with a scratch-free microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints, smudges, or any other residue that would otherwise hurt the grading of your card.


Second Step

Under lighting and magnification, we thoroughly evaluate your cards on a 10-point scale for centering, edges, corners, and surface. Here we are looking for issues such as centering, soft/dinged corners, rough/chipped edges, surface scratches, dimples, and other imperfections. All information from our evaluation will then be entered into a database that you will have access to.


Third Step

After our evaluation process is complete, we will place your cards into a plastic sleeve and then place that sleeved card into a semi-rigid card saver. Your cards are now ready for submission!


Fourth Step

Through a private link only visible to us and you, you’ll see how all your cards did during our evaluation. You will see individual grades for centering, edges, corners, and surface, as well as an overall average grade for every single card. You will also see our notes as to why we graded the card the way we did. Then, taking into account our evaluation of the card, the scarcity of the card, and the potential return on your investment, we will let you know whether we recommend a card for grading or not, or if the card is worth rolling the dice on. Through that same link, you make the final decision on what cards you want to submit and with which grading company.


Fifth Step

We’ll then submit your cards. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your cards along the way and once they’re finished and good to go, we’ll package your newly slabbed cards safely and securely and send them your way.